– Security and Compliance –

See The Bigger Picture. Finally

Switch from tedious manual tasks to value-added, strategic work, which leads to better financial decision-making, streamlined planning, and predictive forecasting.

We’re One of a Kind.
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– Smarter Planning Process –

Adopt Strategic Plans

Our algorithms work in the background, helping you see trends and understand risk probability for better planning. This increases not only overall business visibility and forecast reliability but also agility.

Risk derived planning to identify the risk of your future plans, detect vulnerabilities and understand improvements
Flexible multi-version, multi-model data architecture for creating & analyzing plans and forecasts
Easily build top-down and bottom-up plans
– Speed and Confidence –

Plan And Forecast in Real Time

Our agile approach to FP&A means you can quickly and easily plan in real-time to suit your ever-evolving needs and priorities. This gives your team the ability to address real business needs as they come up.

Use a visual dependency graph to understand, maintain and change your model assumptions, formulas, and data dependencies with ease
Choose to start planning in real time from actual result, making it easy to pivot
Module and workforce planning with actual HR reconciliation and forward-looking capacity models
– One source of truth –

Reliable. Accurate. Flexible

Having all data consolidated in one place eliminates errors and anomalies, ensuring everyone is working with the same information. This also streamlines planning and forecasting by ensuring data is reliable and accurate.

Consolidate and control planning models, reports, and dashboards without assistance
Adapt to the organization’s ever-changing need without any code
Import and export data to Excel and Google Sheet as needed (quickly and easily)

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