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Unlimited modeling.
Effortless maintenance.

Empowered by our cutting-edge proprietary modeling engine and database, fintastic stands unparalleled in handling limitless complexities, large-scale datasets and unlimited dimensionality.

We’re One of a Kind.
But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Model any complexity and scale

Rapidly build and effortlessly maintain intricate models with Fintastic's purpose-built modeling engine and intuitive language. Calculate large-scale datasets in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Modeling engine crafted from scratch for unparalleled performance on multidimensional calculations
Modeling syntax rich and intuitive language with a function library tailored for planning  
Modeling database proprietary storage schema optimized for sparsity  

Plan smarter with science

Building our platform with native AI from the ground up has put fintastic at the forefront of machine-assisted planning. 

Smartastic AI bot AI-driven bot that provides immediate, 100% accurate responses to plain English queries regarding plans, actuals, or on-the-fly scenarios. Engage in conversations effortlessly, without the need to learn or log into the FP&A platform, all while maintaining data security through adherence to user permissions
The future is now employ Monte Carlo simulations on your plans and forecasts, utilizing a sophisticated probability model for an assessment of risks and opportunities

Gather all relevant data in a single place

Native integrations to source systems enable Fintastic to support a true, real-time live actuals version without dependency on 3rd party ETL tools or legacy scheduled imports.

Realtime live actuals version Out-of-the-box native integrations to popular ERPs, HRISs, CRMs, and data warehouses update your fintastic data mirror in real-time
Import actual data to any model in just one click while controlling source, target and time period to maintain accurate and up-to-date plans
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