Smarter plans, Smarter insights.

Use fintastic’s AI-fueled FP&A platform to optimize planning and analysis. Built for any industry and any scale.

We’re One of a Kind. But Don’t Take Our Word For It.
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Deep on-the-fly analysis and comparison of actuals, plans and scenarios.

Compare and import actuals into forecasts, run countless simulations and leverage fintastic's assisted analysis, from drivers through calculations up to reporting, to uncover risks and opportunities.

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Unlimited modeling. Effortless maintenance.

Rapidly build and easily maintain complex models using fintastic's purpose-built modeling engine and intuitive language. Calculate large-scale datasets in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

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Remove boundaries between teams

Align, engage and empower your teams with consolidated, permission-controlled workflows and collaboration tools.

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– What our clients say –

"Fintastic has significantly improved our entire budgeting and analysis process, enhancing our ability to analyze our current performance and providing invaluable insights into the direction we are heading. It has proven to be a reliable and great solution for us, and I'm excited about what's next!"

Noa Hochberg Zabar
CFO, Artlist
– What our clients say –

"Fintastic has completely changed the game for us. Its functionality, speed and usability is off the charts compared to the way we worked before, and it has helped us become a better, more efficient, and more proactive team. We're able to model, drill down and analyze our business far faster and deeper than ever before. Even our monthly close process is now entirely in fintastic, thanks to its collaboration and workflow tools!""

Emmanuel Blum
Director of FP&A, Claroty

Why fintastic?

Harnessing AI to level up FP&A

Make your data accessible through messaging apps like Slack for querying your plans and running what-if scenarios in natural language.
Understand model risks using Monte Carlo simulations.

Easy to set up. Easier to use

Use fintastic's self-serve, purpose-built FP&A capabilities to transform from technical model maintenance and data preparation tasks to strategic analysis and decision-making.

Deal with complexity and scale

Utilize fintastic's advanced data processing and modeling engine to handle large datasets and build complex business models.

How fintastic works?

Accurate actuals data

A constantly synchronized live actuals version, linked to financial and operational systems via native integrations, enables a real-time connection to your data, eliminating the need for third-party ETL tools or legacy scheduled imports.

Set up permissions and workflows

Establish and oversee stakeholders' access to sensitive data at any desired level through an extensive permissions module and manage their workflows.

Model and update

Create and update multiple models, maintaining control over their structure, calculation logic, and assumptions through a friendly visual interface and our intuitive modeling language. Instantly comprehend the impact on your business.

Collaborate across teams

Effortlessly collaborate across the organization or leave specific comments directly on the data by simultaneously commenting, tagging, and notifying each other about everything that matters.

Compare, analyze and run what-if scenarios

Compare and analyze plans, actuals and scenarios at any granularity. Leverage fintastic’s advanced analysis tools to understand dependencies and address complex business questions with ease.

Constantly adapt

Whether your business is evolving or your plans are shifting, harness the advanced smart insights provided by fintastic to impact strategic decision-making.

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