– FP&A Just Got Smarter –

FP&A, Reinvented

The first complete FP&A solution that uses probability science and risk-derived planning to give actionable insights and recommendations. It’s the only solution that turns your data and financial model into real business value.

We’re One of a Kind. But Don’t Take Our Word For It.
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– Product and technology –

Get Strategic Without Having to Connect the Dots First

Data is one thing. It’s what you do with it that really matters. And that’s where our smart approach to FP&A comes in. We’re all about giving you the full picture so you can make the right business decisions. Faster.

- The Fintastic Difference -

You don't need to compromise anymore

Your team deserves more. Imagine not having to choose between a flexible but error-prone spreadsheet that won’t scale and a rigid and third-party-dependent platform. With fintastic, you don’t have to imagine it anymore.

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– Why Fintastic –

The Insights You’ve Been Looking For All Along

Machine Learning
Driven Smart Features

Understand your company’s performance at a glance and boost results.

Low Code, Low Friction

Enjoy low friction connectivity to data systems, existing model setup, and ongoing adaptivity.

The A in FP&A

Close the gap between planning and analysis, enabling fast and continuous cycles.

– The Technology –

It’s Time to Rethink How You Make Financial Decisions

– Better Data-Driven Decisions –

Smart Analysis

Cut your team’s manual work in half and help them understand your data and model

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– Streamlined Planning & Budgeting –

Smart Planning

Change your approach to financial planning and ensure fast, data-driven decision-making

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– Work Faster. Scale. Grow –

Smart Collaboration

Align, engage and empower your team with consolidated data and automated communication tools and processes

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– What our clients say –

“As a rapidly growing company, Lattice relies on FP&A software to play a crucial role in monitoring and maintaining our financial health. Fintastic has become an integral part of our tech stack thanks not only to its flexibility, integrations, and collaboration tools, but mainly because it applies data science to planning in a way that I’ve not seen before.”

Josh Brown
Lattice’s CFO

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