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Empower Your Business. Instantly.

Analyze results consolidated from all your source systems and compare them to your plans or scenarios at any level of detail with fintastic's easy-to-use intuitive interface.


Spend less time on tedious manual tasks and more time making intelligent science-driven decisions that can actually change your top and bottom line.

Big picture or the most intricate details effortlessly transition from an aggregated high-level viewpoint to the most granular elements of your data in one place
Find the needle in the haystack easily identify, investigate and isolate anomalies and trends
Next Level BVA Compare multiple versions, including actuals and various scenarios, even if they have different dimensionality, to validate not only your performance but also your model's assumptions


Having gained a comprehensive understanding of your business's current status, you are now equipped to both report on it effectively and take strategic actions

Add clarifications and insights enhance your data directly onto your numbers, fostering the creation of an organizational knowledge repository
What's next? Conduct scenario analyses to facilitate decision-making
Share disseminate analyses to stakeholders, extending beyond finance, allowing them to personalize their views and focus on their point of view

fintastic integrates with the tools you use - and the tools you need.

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