– Security and Compliance –

Empower Your FP&A Team. Instantly

Our AI-powered solution automatically processes huge amounts of data and spots trends, errors, and inconsistencies, improving your predictions and forecasts.

– Accurate Analysis Backed by Science –

Understand your data faster and better

Finally, you get to spend less time on tedious manual tasks and more time making intelligent science-driven decisions that can actually change your bottom line. You’ll also see more variables so you can better understand your unknowns.

Find the needle in the haystack - automatically identify anomalies and trends
Next Level BVA validates not only your performance but also your financial model’s assumptions
See a high-level view or drill down to the most granular details, including click through to the source systems, all from one centralized place
– Intelligent FP&A –

Faster. Agile. More Efficient

You can achieve a lot more when you get the full picture. And that is where fintastic shines. In addition to helping you spot trends and patterns, our platform gives you the power to own your data and the way you work with it.

Customize & automate reports & tasks like data selection, formula creation, data consolidation
Smart interface for high-level and drilled-down views that can be shared with other stakeholders
Automatic updates to ensure your data is always accurate and synced across all departments

fintastic integrates with the tools you use - and the tools you need.

It’s Showtime

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