Financial Decisions Backed by Science. Finally!

The right technology is a game-changer for your FP&A team!

More than just another set of tools, we offer one of the only smart solutions that actually uses probability science and risk-derived planning to turn your data and financial model into real business value. 

Smart Technology. Smarter Financial Decisions

Our solution is one of a kind. Which is why when we say it’s smart, we actually mean it. We rely on our algorithm engine to give you actionable insights you won’t find anywhere else. Say hello to a more strategic approach to financial planning and modelling.

Beyond FP&A

  • Machine Learning Driven Smart Features 

Frictionless Ease of Use

  • Low Code, Low Friction

Science-Backed Planning

  • The A in FP&A

Want to see how fintastic puts an end to hunches and second-guessing?

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